Lech Dolecki is an artist and commercial photographer who lives and breathes the spirit of West Coast. A born and raised Vancouverite of Polish descent, Lech is a proud downtown resident with a passion for spending time in the great outdoors, and nowhere does this become more apparent than in his photography. Since the beginning of Lech’s insatiable appetite for capturing stills, Lech always focused his artistic endeavors based on a fascination with the boundaries between human structure and the forces of nature. Many years spent working as a Lifeguard on Vancouver’s Beaches turned into an overwhelming desire to capture the physical and mental connections between people and the natural world surrounding them.

After working in the Environmental Consulting Industry and surviving a close encounter with a falling tree, Lech recovered and decided to pursue his passion and turn photography and film-making into a full-time career. Lech now dedicates his artistic vision and creativity to his craft while keeping a grateful balance of family life with his wife and their beloved nine-year-old daughter.